A Dream is a Wish

Symphony Pops Music is proud to present our DISNEY IN CONCERT A Dream is a Wish package featuring well-loved music and high-resolution film clips from some of the best-known films ever. Featuring the music of Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, The Princess and the Frog, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Aladdin, four Broadway quality vocalists, and over one hour of high resolution video clips from the original films!


Act 1

Songs from Disney’s The Little Mermaid (vocal and instrumental)
(“Part of Your World”, “Under the Sea”, “Poor Unfortunate Souls”, “Kiss the Girl”, and “Happy Ending”)
Disney’s Aladdin Song Suite (instrumental and vocal)
(“Arabian Nights”, “Friend Like Me”, and “A Whole New World”)
The Princess and the Frog Medley (vocal)
(“Down in New Orleans”, “Friends on the Other Side”, and “Almost There”)
Cars Suite (instrumental)
(The orchestra underscores a collage of film clips collected from the Cars film)

Songs from Disney’s The Lion King (instrumental and vocal)
(“Circle of Life”, “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”, and “Pridelands (Busa)”)


Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast Suite (instrumental and vocal)
(“Transformation”, “Belle”, “Be Our Guest”, and “Beauty and the Beast”)

A Dream is a Wish Medley (songs from Disney’s Cinderella) (instrumental and vocal)
(“Cinderella”, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (The Magic Song)”, and “So This Is Love (The Cinderella Waltz)”

“Go the Distance” (vocal)
(From Disney’s Hercules)

Disney’s FROZEN Medley (vocal and instrumental)
(“The Great Thaw”, “Elsa and Anna”, “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?”, “For the First Time in Forever”, “In Summer”, and “Let It Go”)


“Hakuna Matata” (vocal)
(from Disney’s The Lion King)

Here is a sample of the show video used in
DISNEY IN CONCERT A Dream is a Wish.

Our Symphony Pops Music concert packages include:

1. Well-loved Disney music for a full-length, two act concert

2. Four fully staged Broadway caliber vocalists ready to thrill your audience

3. Scripted narrative presented by the singers and your conductor

4. Over one hour of high resolution film clips from some of the best-known movies ever. All of the music in the concert package will be accompanied by visuals with 95+% being film clips from the original Disney films.

5. Disney approved promotional artwork, including pre-approved Disney animated film clips for TV and web advertising.

A Dream is a Wish Instrumentation:

3 Flutes (1-2 double alto flute, 2-3 double piccolo)
2 Oboes (second doubles English Horn)
3 Clarinets (3rd doubles bass clarinet)
2 Bassoons (second doubles contra)
4 French Horns
3 Trumpets (1 doubles piccolo trumpet)
3 Trombones
Drum Set
1 Mallets (and percussion)
2 Percussion
Keyboard 1: Piano/Celeste/Synthesizer
Keyboard 2: Synthesizer
1 Guitar (Electric and Acoustic)
Electric Bass

Please contact Ted Ricketts directly at (818) 521-6877 for availability and any other questions you may have concerning DISNEY IN CONCERT A Dream is a Wish.

“Presentation licensed by Disney © All rights reserved”

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